" The students enjoyed cartooning while the stories developed from their artwork."  - Terry Nichols, Jefferson Elementary

" I heard a lot of positive feedback from your visit. The Teachers were amazed at your ability to pull the story into your drawings. The children (all ages, K -8) enjoyed listening and learning from you! "  - Kelly Grote, St. Paul School, Westerville Ohio

" This artist is very well suited to working with children. His education information and cartooning were very appropriate and very well received by our students."  - Dianne Carpenter, Worthington Elementary

" Yes,he's a Cartoonist but J.D.Williamson in also much, much more. He possesses a rich blend of drawing talent and historical knowledge, which appeals to students of all ages. J.D.'s program "The Secret of Silence Dogwood -Young Ben Franklin" combines both the arts and humanities, and teaches not only drawing but American history. J.D.Williamson was voted their favorite artist in residence of our Colonial Year Program. I recommend him highly."   - Pam LeRose, Grants Administer, West Virginia Humanities Council

" The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the presentations."  - Janice Carter, Madison Elementary

" J.D. did an excellent job! The students were very impressed!"  - Marge Schramm, Waverly Elementary

" Very enjoyable and informative presentation."  - Hattie Clark, Reno Elementary